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Planning an event but not sure how to approach food and beverage? We got you — whether you need assistance figuring out what kind or how much beer, wine or spirit to order, which cocktail is right for the occasion, recommendations on bar design or staffing, suggestions on how to balance a menu or just where to get artisanal ice.

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Catering with an edge. We approach each event like a creative challenge: custom menus, cocktails, and wine pairings. Whenever possible, we keep our focus local: local craft beer, local wine, and often collaborate with local chefs. When the solution isn’t local, we’ve got the answers for that as well: because if you really need champagne, you’ve got to get it from France.

Large events & Festivals

How many people are we talking about? 5,000? 50,000? We’ve done it. We know what it takes to break down pallets of beer and sell $14k in water. Please Bring Chips can assist with planning, staffing, and logistical support to execute f&b for large events and festivals. Our team will protect your profit margin. We have the knowledge and experience to plan efficient bar operations, keeping lines short and costs low. We create and execute custom menus to satisfy sponsors. We also play nice with other food partners and vendors. Because large events take a team.

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Our team is our greatest asset. We have worked in every space you can imagine, from museums to mud pits. We work to protect client interests and create a great experience for attendees. Our team will keep your lines short and your margins protected. We also organize multiple teams across large campuses for multi-day events.

Brand Collaborations

Drawing on our experience as event producers, we can seamlessly integrate a sponsor’s needs into any event. Whether it is a custom drink, stand-alone bar, dedicated product or signage, we’re always up for a creative challenge and finding a smart, innovative way to tie a brand’s personality into an event experience. We collaborate with clients to coordinate with sponsors, design custom point of sale experiences, and train staff.

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Cocktail classes are a fun way to bring teams together, boost morale, or connect with friends and family. Whether in-person or virtual, our knowledgeable, engaging talent leads the show. Our classes aren’t lectures, but are structured to create conversation and connection between participants, making your event engaging and memorable. Plus, we’ll teach fun skills that will improve your parties forever. After all, teach a man to fish…

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event production

We can provide planning, staffing and logistics to execute large events. If you need 90 bartenders to get every drop out of your 30 cases of alcohol, we’re your team. We can coordinate multiple teams across large campuses for multi-day events. We design custom infrastructure for each event to ensure that bars are set up for peak efficiency. And if you’re hoping for more than just beer and wine, we got you — no matter the size of the event we can develop and execute craft cocktails for any crowd.

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Cash Bars

Our team can operate cash bars, ensuring transparency and security. We can help with sales projections, planning, and any needed logistical support. We know math like we know cocktails. Experiences are made or lost in the trenches and the details. So, we care just as much about the details of an event as where we get our artisanal ice.

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